Review: Eating With Peter

Review: Eating With Peter

Eating With Peter

Author: Susan Buckley

Published: March 20 2018 by Skyhorse Publishing & Arcade Publishing

“Being married to Peter Buckley was not always easy – living with larger-than-life personalities seldom is – but it was never boring.”  


Susan’s life would never be the same after she meets Peter. A man who was larger than life, Peter pulls Susan out of her comfort zone to taste the fine life, literally. Together they take food world by storm—embarking on a rollicking adventure through Michelin star restaurants in France, exploring delicacies from the souks in Morocco, and sampling delectable treasures from the Red Sea to the Caribbean. They explored the world, and along the way discovered the best and most desired tables, moving from Peter’s adventures with Hemingway to sampling delectable treasures from the Red Sea to the Caribbean.

When they returned to New York, Peter—a writer, notorious food and wine connoisseur, gourmand, as well as chef—and Susan incorporated their exciting European tastes to their daily American life. As Peter and Susan explore one three-star restaurant after the next, the reader meets and gets a taste of famous gastronomic dishes and their chefs, in addition to learning about mouth-watering recipes, culinary moments around the Buckley’s kitchen and table with family and friends, and many of their New York food secrets. If much has been written about La Haute Cuisine in the past, nothing compares to the fresh, personal, and tantalizing tone 
Eating with Peter offers. All twenty-seven recipes in the book have thoroughly been tested, and should invite the reader to recreate the joys of Susan and Peter’s experience. 




My Thoughts:

I found this memoir to be truly charming and a breathtaking tale of Susan Buckley’s adventures into the culinary world with her loving husband, Peter. Her beautiful narrative  of a former indulgent world accurately depicts the connections between love and food that brought her and Peter so close together. 

At the end of every chapter, Susan shares many recipes from her travels both created by Peter and shared among friends at fine dinner parties. 

Unlike many gastronomic journals, Eating With Peter was an easy read that I found difficult to put down. Susan’s ability to weave between anecdotes of various countries, experiences and dishes captured my complete attention. 

As a foodie, I simply adored this book and would suggest it to anyone who enjoys a culinary love story. 


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